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When we come together, we rise together.

“We are a movement for united peace, prosperity, beauty and well-being in the global world. By cultivating a common intention within the uniqueness of expression, we unite and rise, as one.

The OC is the media channel leading The Renaissance. Featuring distinguished thought leadership and illuminating arbiters of both truth and love, we maintain excellence in all endeavors. For, what we revere in the world, is that the world will aspire for. Look upwards and towards this empire of light.


DALIA is the media channel that features timeless content and expressions of beauty, power and freedom, in a global world. We merge the world of investment and wealth creation with creative storytelling that expands our experience of reality. Our mission is to preserve and empower Love as a source of True Power.


THE1080 is the media channel leading content in leadership, strategy and business, alongside its parallel channel 1080SOCIETY for lifestyle, culture and society. We are the centerpiece for the advancement of effective business and positive societal impact. We are an integrated powerhouse and force to be reckoned with.